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Working with a Purpose

Each day, every single day, I wake up early in the morning to do something that I love. Working for a company that motivates you to be better and inspires you to do great things is a golden opportunity. Working as a Business Development Manager for Cemanet Technologies is one of the best decisions I made in my life. The company is a leading provider of Bulk SMSUSSD, and Short Codes services in the country right now.

I chose to work for this company because of its core values which are integrity and hard work. They align with my values as an individual and this is very important to me because working for a company is more than just the paycheck or the total number of hours you put in at work each day. The truth is that you should be able to feel that you stand for the same course and you can build a lasting relationship which is very important for your personal growth as well as the company's growth. 

Most companies are drastically changing their ways of doing business with the advancement of technology. This has created a need for such companies to discover the new trends in technology and how they can integrate the change to gain a competitive advantage. I decided to follow my career path to bridge this wide gap by identifying the best possible opportunities needed for business growth. My main aim is to ensure that clients get their value for money and positive experience.

I chose to work for this company because of its core values which are integrity and hard work.

Working here is amazing. The fun part of it is trying to figure out all the possible ways of doing something using the least effort while achieving the desired results. The best part is, that doing is also good for the company's growth. The company has defined why it exists in the first place through its company statements which clearly explains why we do what we do every day and how we do it. Communication is frequent, consistent, and transparent using any of the possible available means. You can freely communicate with anyone here despite their role or position they hold in the company. Our roles are well defined in that everyone knows how their contribution fits into the company's overall mission.

I haven't been here for a while but I like it already. Even though the odds are against most of us right now due to the ongoing pandemic, we shall soon overcome it and things will come back to normal. The economy is currently crashing; most businesses are suspending their operations, people are going on compulsory unpaid leave while others are losing their jobs. The only choice we are left with is, using what we have, to do whatever it takes to survive. That is what I am currently working on.