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Entrust your customers with the ability to access your products and services through an interactive session on their mobile devices. The service is initiated by your customer after dialing your code on their mobile phone then prompted with an interactive menu choose from.

What are my options?

Dedicated USSD code

This is a dedicated code that will only be used by your company, allowing it to become synonymous with your brand ensuring consistency and brand recognition.

Shared USSD code

For a more cost-effective solution, you can be allocated a channel on our dedicated USSD code, which means that you will share the code with other businesses.

Use Cases

querry services

Query Services

Give your customers access to your application using their mobile phones via USSD. This service can be used to check balances, cash withdrawals and other valuable information.

data collection

Data Collection

Collect valuable feedback from your customers easily by using surveys, questionnaires or Q&A services to describe their level of satisfaction.

user registration

User Registration

Get your customers to easily register to your system using their mobile phones. This is a great way to build up your customer database and identify new leads.


Easy and interactive
user menu.

Get real time feedback from your customers

Efficient and transparent with provision of real time analytics

Prompt and reliable customer interaction

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