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Service Level Agreement

1. Standard of Service, Interruptions and Force Majeure

We shall at all times provide and/or endeavor to provide Services to meet or exceed the industry standard Service Level Performance Measure for each Service Level Performance Criterion.

We shall provide a service credit, which shall be a price adjustment reflecting the value of any lost service, caused by failure to deliver a service by Us to the Network Provider’s system on Our platform.

We shall inform you of any service downtime or failures within twenty-four (24) hours. We undertake to resolve any service downtime within forty-eight (48) hours, unless such downtime has been occasioned by force majeure or beyond our scope. In the unlikely event that such attempts to resolve a downtime may seem to require more than 48 hours to resolve, then the same information shall be communicated to you.

We shall not provide any service credit in the event that we are unable to meet and/or provide the agreed standard of Service occasioned by an act of nature, such act deemed to include but not limited to Force Majeure Events or factors caused by the Network Providers.

2. Maintenance

We shall implement all measures and monitoring tools and procedures necessary to measure, monitor and report on the performance of the provision of the Services against the applicable Service Levels at a level of detail sufficient to verify compliance with the Service Levels.

We shall notify the customer either through email and/or call of any scheduled and/or pre-planned maintenance at least one (1) week prior to the date of the said maintenance and further, at the commencement and completion of the maintenance exercise.

3. Severity Levels

We undertake to offer and shall endeavor to maintain the availability of the Service to the Customer. In the event of any interruptions to the Service, such interruptions shall be categorized as outlined herein below:

Severity Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Expected Response Time High response within 30 minutes Medium response within 30 minutes Response within 30 minutes
Expected Resolve Time Within 48 hours Within 24 hours Within 7 days
Note: These timelines are a guide and are not prescriptive.

Level 1: Critical - Service failure during production hours with impact on business operations
Level 2: Medium - General inquiries relating to the services we offer
Level 3: Low - Service degradation such that normal business operations are affected

4. Objectives

The Objectives of the Service Level and the Service Credits are to:

  1. Ensure that the Services are of a consistently high quality and meet your requirements.
  2. Provide a mechanism whereby you can attain meaningful recognition of Our failure to deliver the level of service for which it has contracted to deliver
  3. Incentivise us to comply with and to expeditiously remedy any failure to comply with the Service levels.

5. Customer Service

Should the you run into any issues regarding the Service, the same can be conveyed through the following mediums;

Telephone: +254 020 7606800
Email: [email protected]

We shall provide reasonable customer service to you upon receipt and acknowledgment of receipt of a complaint regarding the availability of the Service.