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Short Codes

Short Codes


Manage, send and receive SMS messages to and from your customers through our two-way SMS functionality. Short codes can be used to send and receive text messages to any mobile phone making them reliable for marketing and promotional SMS messaging.

What are my options?

Shared Short Code

For a more cost-effective solution, you can register a keyword on a shared short code, which means that you will be assigned a unique SMS keyword but you will share the short code with other businesses.

Dedicated Short Code

This is a dedicated memorable short code number that will only be used by your company, allowing it to become synonymous with your brand ensuring consistency and brand recognition.

Use Cases

get valuable customer feedback

Get valuable customer feedback

SMS surveys using short codes make it easy for your customers to rate products or services by simply scoring them or replying with a YES/NO to describe their satisfaction levels.

enable customers to opt-in

Enable customers to opt-in

Get your customers to opt-in for your services or promotional SMS messages by sending a keyword to your short code.

get a quote

Get a quotation

Short code messaging is an easier way to encourage potential customers to send an SMS to your short code to get a quote.


Customer registration

Get your potential customers to send an SMS to your short code with their name and phone number. A great way to build up your customer database and identify new leads.


Brand your messages with an easy to remember number.

Get real time feedback from your customers.

Prompt and reliable

Efficient and transparent with provision of real time analytics.

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