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Maximizing revenue generation for your business using SMS

A simple text message can not only save your business money but can also be appreciated by your customers. Communication is essential for any business growth. For example, contacting busy customers can be a real challenge. Using our SMS services, your business can automate communication and allow your customers to respond at their convenience. This in turn improves their customer experience building a long term relationship. Most of the benefits of using SMS services are underutilized and overlooked by many businesses. We have outlined for you a few use cases citing example text messages.  

1. Booking appointments

Make use of our scheduled SMS to remind your customers of an appointment. This can be done in advance before the confirmed date and time of the appointment. This will enable your customers to confirm, reschedule, or cancel their appointments and your business to properly organize your customers' waiting list. Apart from the inconvenience caused by missed appointments, there is also a possibility of a missed opportunity and also costs your business money. Sending SMS saves your business money as opposed to individually calling the customers and has the same results without added cost. 

Example SMS - "Don’t forget your appointment on Saturday with Cemanet Technologies at 09.30 am. If you can’t make it, please call us on 020 7606800."

2. Marketing campaigns

Marketing strategies are constantly changing as customer preferences change and with the emergence of new trends in technology. It can be very hard to narrow down your preferences with the many options available for your marketing campaigns. SMS marketing is the most cost-effective and reliable method to use as compared to other options as SMS is cheap and can reach a large number of customers at the same time.  

Example SMS - "BUY 1 GET 1 FREE at CEMANET TECHNOLOGIES today on selected items. Offer valid until midnight 14th May. Hurry while stock lasts!"

3. Internal communication

Most organizations usually strive to develop more tools to improve internal communication but face challenges while implementing them. This is because employees have too many apps and programs to manage, too many passwords to manage, reluctant in downloading new apps, and learning new tools. Research shows that a large percentage of employees usually spend more time on their phones while at work. Choosing text messages as a means of communication would be ideal as opposed to unread emails and notice boards. Text messages can be used to inform employees on staff meetings, shift schedule changes, HR updates, employees' feedback, and security alerts. 

Example SMS - "Our monthly breakfast meeting will be held at Vinestalk office Room 37 at 09:30 AM. Bring your strategy report for review."

4. Customer Surveys

Customer surveys provide an ideal way for your business to connect with customers, obtain valuable insights, and gauge satisfaction. This provides your business with information to enhance your products and services as well as improve on customer experience. While other methods can be costly and time-consuming, our 2-Way SMS service provides a quick, affordable, and efficient method for conducting surveys.

Example SMS – “Thank you for your time during the call today. We trust our Customer Service representative was able to assist you.  Out of 10 (10 being excellent), how would you rate our service?”

5. Customer order notifications

As your business is receiving orders from your customers, you might have limited time to think about how well you communicate with your customers once they have made an order. Text messages allow your business to keep customers informed and engaged throughout the order process. This does not only lead to increased satisfaction but also increased sales.

Example SMS – “Your order number 25932 has been received and is being processed. Expected date of delivery is within 3 days to the provided address.“

6. Debt Collection

Text messages offer a better way of recovering debts without losing more money and still maintaining a good relationship with your customers. This method is less stressful for both your business and your customers as it provides a non-invasive way of reaching out to your customers with high response rates.  Text messages can be automated for better efficiency.

Example SMS - "Renew your monthly subscription via Paybill No. 138638 Acc. Cheza Sports Academy. Amount KES 3,000 before 1st June. Call our billing team on 020 7606800 for further assistance."

If you are looking forward to maximizing revenue generation and cutting on costs for your business, please get in touch with us on 020 7606800 or click on Sign Up to create an account and get started.