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Freelancers new approach with Bulk SMS services

The journey to becoming a successful freelancer is not always rainbows and butterflies as presumed by many. Freelancers are required to have a high level of resilience, self-discipline and patience to make it big in the industry and most of the time, the road is paved with countless challenges. Sure, the perks are enticing; I mean, who wouldn’t want the freedom of working from the comfort of their home in pajamas while being their own boss? The harsh reality however, is that it is quite an unstable career path with some months filled with numerous opportunities and others having absolutely nothing to offer. There are days where every freelancer has felt like throwing in the towel and giving up, but it is during these times that one should reevaluate their strategies and take advantage of certain aspects around them to stay afloat. One such way is by exploring Bulk SMS services as a way of marketing their skills and broadening their client base. The idea might seem foreign or even impractical for a lot of freelancers, but the long term benefits are certainly worth the effort.

Bulk SMS services- Who are the major users and how does it work?

Most large companies and organizations such as banks, mobile service providers, essay and assignment help services, airlines, travel agencies and media companies deal with a massive influx of clients on a day-to-day basis. In order to effectively manage communication between their staff and customers, these companies rely on bulk SMS services to deliver the necessary information, market their products and give alerts. Statistics show that using bulk SMS is the most effective way to reach customers when planning to relay information or market goods and services. It has an astounding open rate of 98% in 3 minutes and it has been shown that roughly 96% of smartphone users open SMS messages daily. Bulk SMS is therefore the fastest and most effective way to reach many clients at a go when compared to other channels such as emails, social media advertising, cloud services and online chat rooms.
The reason for this is because SMS services do not require internet connection to be opened unlike emails and social media apps. They are simply relayed directly to the customer’s phone. The chances of being opened are therefore much higher and hence this is one of the best ways to attract more customers and market products and services.

Well, how does it work? Bulk SMS is an automated system whereby large numbers of personalized SMS messages are sent to the target audience. The system is enabled by a special type of web portal which gives the users the ability to organize a list of phone numbers belonging to a large number of clients. As a result, information from the user can be relayed to all the phone numbers at once. The SMS APIs also facilitate functionality and in this way, communication is fast and effective intended for the desired audience. The companies that utilize bulk SMS services use it for sending notifications to customers, mobile marketing, sending alerts and reminders as well as entertainment. As a freelancer, it is important to tap into new avenues in order to grow your client base and increase your earnings. Bulk SMS services serve as an effective avenue to reach out to new clients, advertise your skill set, and communicate with your clients and so much more. Moreover, it solves most of the problems that freelancers face in their careers. The following are some of the ways in which freelancers can take advantage of bulk SMS services.

1. Attracting new clients 

One of the major hurdles that freelancers have to navigate through is long periods of 'drought' whereby the workflow is very little and there is hardly any income. This problem can be solved by saving up enough money during the peak season in order to have enough to stay afloat when work is no longer available. However, emergencies may arise and at times you are left with no other choice but to use up all of your savings. This is why it is important to maintain a steady and consistent cash flow by attracting more clients to increase the chances of getting projects and assignments during the low peak season. Bulk SMS services are a great way to find new clients and build your career as a freelancer. So how can you use bulk SMS to build a larger client base for yourself?
The first step you need to take is to set up a bulk SMS account by reaching out to a reliable bulk SMS service provider in your region. Since you want to attract people to opt into your services, you need to market yourself meticulously and one way you can do this is by sending an SMS with tempting and persuasive offers such as a 50% discount for the first 50 clients who use your services. Whether you are a freelance writer, programmer or graphic designer, this will certainly put you on top of your game and earn you droves of clients and a fat paycheck. The two-way SMS system works in a way that enables new clients to respond to your text or offer using a short code or a keyword and this will enable them to opt in and receive services from you. And with just the click of a button, you are guaranteed to have a larger client base for your occupation.

2. Communicating with clients

Freelancing can sometimes be overwhelming especially when keeping up with daily orders from clients, micromanaging clients and notifying them about the progress of the work being undertaken. It all requires a high level of discipline and good organizational skills to be able to manage this line of work. However, all this can be made easier with bulk SMS as it allows you to communicate effectively with all your clients with minimal effort. For instance, if there is a challenge that arises when working on a number of clients projects, you can quickly notify them and rectify the issue. This will help to build trust and good relationships with your clients and consequently, this will earn you more clients through recommendations. You can also inform all your clients regarding the progress of their work as well as rescheduling and cancellation of orders.

Bulk SMS has proven very effective for small enterprises and first-time entrepreneurs because it is a quick way of reaching out to customers and it is also cost effective. SMS messages have a 98% open rate in 3 minutes which indicates that clients will always be informed about the activities of the company and will not be left out on any developments. This is faster than channels such as emails, social media and online chats which rely on internet connection for communication to happen. As a freelancer, it is paramount that you take advantage of bulk SMS services as it will save you a lot of time and effort while managing your work and communicating with your clients.

3. Collection of payment

Every freelancer can attest to having a couple of bad experiences with clients who delay payments or fail to pay altogether. This can be very disheartening and stressful for anyone in the freelance sector and it is therefore important to come up with a strategy which will ensure that you get your payment on time. One way you can do this is by using bulk SMS services to send reminders to clients about pending payments. Most clients may be very busy and simply forget to pay and therefore it is important to constantly set reminders for them to follow through with their end of the deal. Some clients may be stubborn and intentionally delay payment while others may be hesitant to pay. Using reminders will make sure that these clients pay on time and avoid any delays and losses. Using bulk SMS services is very convenient when collecting payments from clients as it saves you from the hassle of personally reminding each client for money. With just the click of a button, you can send a personalized message to all your clients about the payment dates and options that they can use. Your life as a freelancer will be made easier with bulk SMS and it is therefore important to take advantage of this service.

4. Marketing your skills 

The main reason why bulk SMS services are very popular with big companies and organizations is because it is a vital avenue for product marketing and advertising. Due to its speed and cost-effectiveness, bulk SMS can also be used by small businesses and individuals to market their skills to potential clients. As a freelancer, it is important that you consistently market your skills to the public so as to gain more clients and have a much stable career. Taking advantage of bulk SMS is a great way to reach many people at a go and grow your client base. If you are a freelance writer, you can compose an SMS message mentioning your areas of specialty such as content writing or academic writing and list your rates. Once you send your SMS, you are guaranteed to have clients seeking your services.

Bulk SMS services are not just restricted to the big players in the industry but can also accommodate small enterprises and individuals who wish to propel their careers further. I encourage freelancers to take advantage of this service to grow and become successful in the ever expanding sector. One of the companies that you can contact for amazing offers on Bulk SMS services is Cemanet Technologies which is highly reputable and amazing at giving its customers a worthwhile experience. Take the first initiative and watch your career as a freelancer flourish into a profitable venture.